Prime Hide Ridgeback Range new for 2018

Our brand new Ridgeback leather collection is destined to become your new favourite source for the very best purses, wallets and bags this year. As you have come to expect from Prime Hide, we only use the finest leather to craft beautifully designed pieces to bring out the very best in your wardrobe.

Even though we can offer competitive prices we never compromise on quality with every unique item made to last. The Ridgeback collection has something to fit any budget and suit any style, whether you are looking for a something classic or more contemporary.

Feast your eyes on the Ridgeback collection and we’re sure you’ll find something you simply must have!

670 -Ridgeback Leather Holdall

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Make the most our spacious Ridgeback travel bag when you are getting ready for your next long weekend away. This is the perfect bag for anyone who loves to travel in real style and the soft inner lining ensures it stand out from almost any other bag you’ll find. The smooth bronzed leather and brass detail also makes it the ideal present for a special occasion.

671 -Ridgeback Leather Womans Crossbody Bag

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Beautiful soft brown leather is characterised by a distinctive design that will make this a real standout piece waiting to find a home in your wardrobe. Two side pockets are hidden away while still allowing for easy access holding all you need for the day ahead. This lovingly made bag is handcrafted using the finest leather you’ve come to expect from Prime Hide.

672 -Ridgeback Leather Large Messenger Bag

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This leather bag is designed to be both functional and stylish adapting to your changing needs. Take it with you on the commute to work, or use it for those short overnight stays. It provides a smart casual look to complement any outfit and the quality of the leather will reveal itself as it takes the weight of anything you want to store inside.

Large Messenger bag is functional and stylish, ideal for commute to work or short overnight stay, casual luxury look to complement any outfit.

673 -Ridgeback Leather Small Messenger Bag

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Our delightful messenger bag complete with refined stitching adds a touch of retro cool. This multi-purpose bag is ideal for day-to-day use and its compact size makes it light and easy to carry. It will keep all your essentials safely tucked away while still providing even more space to tuck away any extras you might need.

674 -Ridgeback Leather Briefcase

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Everyone needs a travel bag ready for use should any unexpected weekend breaks or business trips suddenly pop up. You won’t find a more stylish leather bag to take with you and its stunning brown hues make it a real head turner. It comes complete with plush inner lining and enough space to tuck away your clothes and other personal items for your trip.

stylish leather travel bag to take with you and its stunning brown hues make it a real head turner. Spacious with plush inner lining.

675 -Ridgeback Leather RFID Ladies Purse

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A slim line bi-fold wallet comes with plenty of space for cards, a secure zip coin purse, ID pouch and room to tuck away notes. The ridge design exterior gives the purse a real sense of character that you’ll be proud to show off to your friends. If you need a spacious wallet that keeps everything in once place, this is the purse for you.

678 -Ridgeback Leather RFID Ladies Zip Around

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Sleek, refined and classy are just some of the words that spring to mind when looking at this gorgeous purse. You can conveniently put all your cards, notes and coins in each section, easily zipping it shut to hurry on with your day. It’s made from the finest antique leather and the vintage design can be used during the day or for an evening event.

680 -Ridgeback Leather Washbag

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Try out this classic-style leather wash bag made from the finest leather and handcrafted to perfection. There is plenty of space to store away your toiletries when you are heading away on your next adventure and it easily slips into hand luggage. The leather strap makes it easy to carry and hang, and the tanned leather will age beautifully as the years pass by.

6402 — Ridgeback Leather RFID Credit Card Holder

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Simplicity is the key to this classic tanned leather purse. If you prefer the minimalist look without any fuss or frills this purse will tick all the right boxes. You still get plenty of room to tuck away your notes and cards and over time the patina of the leather will add its own unique personality to make it a real one-off accessory.

6405 -Ridgeback Leather RFID Mens Wallet

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This is a beautiful tanned leather wallet that is not only classy but adds extra layers of protection. The tri-fold style will keep your personal cards safe from unwarranted attention and the ID pouch is a great way to store a driver licence or a picture of a loved one. Not only does the wallet look amazing but you’ll never misplace a card or item thanks to its defined sections.

6424 -Ridgeback Leather RFID Mens Wallet

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All of our men’s leather wallets have been crafted by highly experienced craftsmen using the finest material. This shines through in this handmade men’s leather wallet. You get all of the usual credit card, coin and note compartments and its compact size makes it easy to slip into the inside of a jacket or a trouser pocket for quick and easy use.

6427 -Ridgeback Leather RFID Mens Zip Around Wallet

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The zip-around closure for our classy men’s leather wallet opens up to reveal three clearly divided compartments. Whether you prefer to use cards more than cash, or like the feel of real money in your hand, there is more than enough space to store away either. The warm hue of the leather will make it a keeper that will remain a favourite accessory for years to come.

6473 -Ridgeback Leather Card Holder

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If cash is too fiddly and only serves to slow down your down you will no doubt prefer to use contactless cards to swipe and go. Our perfect little card holder is designed to store away the few cards you will need to get through the day. It will slip easily into any pocket and is easy to pick out without having to worry about finding the space to stash away a growing pile of change.

6450 -Ridgeback Leather RFID Coin Pouch

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A small and compact tanned leather pouch with aged effect is just the thing to keep all your coinage together. Keeping you change in a separate pouch in a different pocket is one way to keep yourself organised and ready for anything. It also features a front pocket to keep any other important personal items you want to keep close by.

Our Ridgeback collection will add that something special to your accessory collection. We make sure that every item we have on offer is totally unique and each one is designed to help you get real value from your purchase. Quality leather is meant to make you feel great and that’s exactly what Ridgeback will do for you. All of these items can be used throughout the day, or for those times you are heading out on a special occasion. We keep the needs of our customers at the heart of everything we do and Ridgeback has all the style to make you stand out from the crowd.

Keep an eye out of updates on our site for your daily fix of the latest Prime Hide updates. If you’re as obsessed with leather as we are, then you’ll love what we’ve got to show you in 2018!

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