Ricco Leather Wallet - 5401

Doubling up on card slots and stretching the leather? Check out this Ricco 5401 wallet.

  • RFID Secure
  • Bifold Design
  • Secure Tab Fastener
  • 8 Card Slots
  • 2 x Note Compartment
  • 12 x 9.5 x 3 cm
  • We've all been there not enough card slots in the wallet so have doubled up then with the constant taking cards in and out have stretched the leather so the cards fall out by themselves.

    Well not anymore with this Ricco 5401 having 8 leather slots there is plenty of room for all those cards and with two note compartments you can split out your notes and receipts with ease.

    It has the added benefit of RFID safe technology providing you peace of mind electronic data is secure.

    We also do this classic wallet style in other ranges and leathers including: Washington 3101, Lazio 4700, Dakota 4030 and Texan 4802, which is your favourite?
    Feature Details
    Product Code 5401
    Range Ricco
    Material Leather
    RFID Secure 125 kHz / 13,56 MHz / 900 MHz frequencies
    Height x Width x Depth 12 cm x 9.5cm x 3cm
    Weight 200g
    Gift Boxed Yes
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    Ricco 5401 Personalisation Fonts

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