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Accessories are as important to a man as they are to a woman, regardless of where you’re going, whether it’s to work, out with friends or to town, leather is  something that can add glamour and sophistication to an outfit, that final full stop on what you’re wearing. Leather is a classic material, and as an accessory it adds a certain gravitas to whatever you’re wearing, whether it’s jeans and denim jacket or a two-piece suit. We’ve created leather accessories for men which are both stylish and bang on trend. They’ve been thoughtfully crafted so they go seamlessly from the office to the gym, from the business trip overseas to the daily commute home.


Functionality, durability and effortless style

Our leather products for men are created with the multi-faceted lifestyle of every man in mind, so there are different pieces which can be mixed and matched. From backpacks to briefcases, all our items are each crafted carefully with attention to detail. This way you get functionality as well as durability and those carefully created sections in bags which are an essential item for storing all manner of much needed items. Whether you’re carrying just a mobile, a set of headphones, or going on a simple journey, you can carry everything you need with you.

Leather Bags

Style and elegance that lasts a lifetime. We spend a lot of time thinking about the details, the small things, because we know how important it is to get it absolutely right. And there’s joy in creating a leather item that will live on and serve a purpose for years to come, we take pleasure in that. Those details don’t have to scream at you either, we crave simplicity because we understand the importance of less is more. We create leather bags for men which are highly functional, giving you a professional yet elegant look.

Leather Belts

Leather belts are not simply there to hold your pants up, they are a reflection of your sense of style and personality. A classic leather belt can adapt to a great variety of different styles, and a belt will always be the perfect accessory to add to your wardrobe. Choose from one of our classic belt selection and invest in one, or maybe two or three and pair it up with matching shoes.

Leather Wallets

Our men’s leather wallets are carefully designed and created by our team of craftsmen and women, with all the fine detail you’d expect from our bags, belts and business/travel products. You get all the durability and functionality you’ve come to expect and with the elegance and stylish fine tuning we know is crucial to the final product.

Our leather accessories for men are beautifully made and built to last, so take a look through our versatile range and find something that fits in with your personal style – and take your time, don’t rush.