Full Grain Leather Wallets

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Housing your money and cards, your wallet is something that you may take for granted, but if your current wallet is looking worse for wear, perhaps it’s time to invest in something that will last. Forget cheap materials that wear within a matter of months, and treat yourself to something that will last.

By choosing a full grain leather wallet, you’re buying an investment, not just a wallet.

Primehide Leather are manufacturers of leather belts, cardholders and wallets. We combine the best of modern production methods with the best in leather craftsmanship. We only ever produce the highest quality goods for our clients, including full grain leather.

On our website you can find a range of leather products, all of which come with a competitive price tag, so what’s not to love?

We’ve invested heavily in our website to make sure that online shopping with us is quick, easy and simple. No matter the type of leather product you’re looking to buy, we’re confident that you can find it when shopping with us. 

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