New Men's leather Wallets for 2018

Gorgeous new designs in luxury leathers.

From the  Cruz collection made from Luxurious vegetable tanned leather that is combined with classic designs to produce leather wallets and bags that make you stand out from the crowd.

To the Aztec range of leather wallets that bring together tradition and innovate new designs into the complete range for the man who prefers the stylish touch. 

Image 5601-cruz

Cruz Luxury Notecase Wallet 5601

Image 5602-cruz

Cruz Luxury Trifold Wallet 5602

Image 5603-cruz

Cruz Luxury Bifold Wallet External Coin Pocket 5603

Image 5604-cruz

Cruz Luxury Vertical Trifold Wallet 5604

Image 5605-cruz

Cruz Luxury Small Trifold Wallet 5605

Image 4224-alperto-1

Alperto Brown Bifold Wallet RFID Safe

Image 4223-alperto

Alperto Small Brown Trifold Wallet RFID Safe

Image 4275-alperto

Alperto Brown Credit Card Wallet RFID Safe

Image 4260-alperto

Alperto Brown Coin Purse Wallet RFID Safe

Image 4257-alperto

Alperto Brown Zip Around Wallet RFID Safe

Image 4269-alperto

Alperto Brown Notecase Wallet RFID Safe

Image 4700-bl-ph

Lazio Luxury Bifold Wallet 4700

Image 4701bl-ph

Lazio Trifold Wallet RFID Protection 4701

Image 4703-br-ph

Lazio Vertical Trifold Wallet RFID Protection 4703

Image 4744ph

Lazio Bifold Wallet RFID Protection 4744

Image 4704-ph

Lazio Trifold Wallet RFID Protection 4704

Image 8001-pht

Blaze Flip Up Wallet 8001

Image 8002-pht

Blaze Trifold Wallet 8002

Image 8004-pht

Blaze Bifold Wallet 8004

Image 3200-pht

Aztec Bifold Wallet 3200

Image 3201-pht

Aztec Trifold Wallet 3201

Image 3200-pht

Aztec Notecase Wallet 3202

Image 3310-pht

Ultra Soft Flip Up Wallet 3310

Image 3311-pht

Ultra Wallet Small Notecase 3311

Image 3312-pht

Ultra Trifold Wallet 3312

Image 3313-pht

Ultra Credit Card Holder 3313

Image 3300-pht

Urban Bifold Wallet 3300

Image 3301-pht

Urban Card Holder 3301

Image 3302-pht

Urban Note Clip Wallet 3302

Image 3901-pht

Woodsman Flip Up Wallet RFID Safe 3901

Image 3902-pht

Woodsman Small Wallet RFID Safe 3902

Image 3903-pht

Woodsman Trifold Wallet RFID Safe 3903