The Cruz Collection

Luxury Leather bags and Wallets

The Cruz collection is all about timeless style for those who enjoy the finer things in life. Luxurious leather is combined with classic designs to produce leather wallets and bags that make you stand out from the crowd. No matter your lifestyle, Cruz products will find a way to improve and enhance the things that truly matter. These are leather accessories for men that reflect something about who you are and the quality you expect when you invest your time and money. Cruz leather bags and wallets help you to acquire the sophisticated class you deserve.

Image 568-1
Image 5602-cruz

Cruz Luxury Trifold Leather Wallet 5602

Image 568-bl-p1

Cruz Luxury Leather Duffle Travel Bag

Image 569-br-ph3

Cruz leather leather gladstone bag

Image 5603-cruz

Cruz Luxury Bifold Wallet External Coin Pocket 5603

Image 5601-cruz

Cruz Luxury Leather Notecase Wallet 5601

Image 566-br-ph1

Cruz Messenger Business bag 566

Image 565-br-ph-1

Cruz Small Leather Messenger Bag 565

Image 5604-cruz

Cruz Luxury Vertical Trifold Leather Wallet 5604

Image 567-vruz

Cruz Small Leather Toiletry Bag 567

Image 5605-cruz

Cruz Luxury Small Trifold Leather Wallet 5605

Image 5606

Cruz Luxury Leather Card Holder 5606