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RFID Passport Cover

RFID Passport Cover

Since the rise of the e-passport in the UK, when travelling, it’s always better take precautions to protect your passport. Each Prime Hide leather RFID passport cover provides that extra touch of security to give you peace of mind while jet setting. Protect your identity with an RFID passport cover.

Every Prime Hide leather passport holder is created from the highest quality raw materials, to ensure durability. No matter how frequently you travel, your RFID passport cover is made to last. It is prepared to take the stresses and strains of use, with minimal signs of wear and tear.

In addition to functional features including easy to use flap opening and clear plastic slots, a Prime Hide leather RFID passport cover promises style as well as substance. The smooth leather designs of a Prime Hide RFID passport cover are both elegantly simple and sophisticated. Add a timeless travel accessory to your getaway collection.