What makes the Alperto collection so special is we source leather hides from the highest quality sources. At Primehide, we have a reputation for delivering only the very best and it’s our commitment to our customers that inspires us to craft these vintage-style wallets. The Alperto range is about combining the best of everything, from the leather and the components, to the skills of the experienced craftspeople who make them. Even after years of use the leather will age and produce a refined look of luxury, while always remaining functional. We take pride in everything we do and our unique approach can be seen in every last detail. Our aim is to deliver the very best so your life becomes that little bit more enjoyable. The durability of the material adds to the classic vintage look and feel that comes through so naturally. Alperto wallets also come with RFID lining to provide enhanced security for your cards inside. The heritage of the craftsmanship can be seen in every aspect of these wallets, from the card slots which can be used for train tickets, business cards, oyster cards and more, through to the note compartment.