April 08, 2020 5 min read

What Does Your Purse Say About You? Prime Hide Leather

Do you know what your choice of purse is saying about you? Find out today what choosing a designer leather purse reveals about your personality.

A leather purse is the ultimate accessory that delivers on both practicality and style. Whether you like to go big and bold or prefer something more discreet, there are a myriad of purses to pick from.

In entertainment, you’ll see celebrities carrying a diverse range of different purses, with both traditional styles and on-trend looks featuring on many occasions. Every woman has her own particular preferences for a purse, and may use lots of different factors to find the right one.

But how do YOU choose your purse? And what are your priorities? Here’s a closer look at different types of leather purses and what your final decision says about you.


Although your purse may remain in your handbag, the colour you choose is highly significant. Most women pick a purse based at least partially on colour, but not all tones will appeal to everyone.

Some women prefer classic shades while others prefer bright, fun colours. You might even have different purses for different occasions, such as a more subdued colour for work.

However, there is a theory that suggests the colour you are drawn to says a lot about your personality. Here’s what the colour of your purse is revealing about you:


One of the most classic colours, black is still very popular as it conveys a sense of confidence. Women who are sophisticated and elegant carry a black purse, exuding an aura of luxury and power. Black purses are often carried by professional women or used on formal occasions as it demands the carrier is taken seriously.

What Does Your Purse Say About You? Prime Hide Leather


It would be easy to make the mistake of assuming that brown is similar to black, but that’s not the case. Brown purses are earthy and natural, and are chosen by women who are down to earth, loyal and honest. A female with a brown purse values her family and friends, and recognises the importance of the simple things in life.

What Does Your Purse Say About You? Prime Hide Leather


Often chosen to represent love and passion, red is a strong colour that’s chosen by an equally strong woman. Comfortable as a leader, a woman with a red purse isn’t afraid to catch the eye or to be the centre of attention. As connected with her sensuality as her ambition, the woman with a red purse is one who embraces what life has to offer.

What Does Your Purse Say About You? Prime Hide Leather


Green is a colour that has dual meaning: prosperity and nature. Carrying a green purse is an indication that the woman has a love of nature and the environment around her. She may also be a big lover of animals. A woman choosing green is also focussed on self-growth and is hopeful for the future.

What Does Your Purse Say About You? Prime Hide Leather


A small splash of sunshine, a yellow purse is chosen by a woman who is playful, optimistic and full of enthusiasm. Bringing confidence and positive energy, this female loves to learn while embracing creativity.

What Does Your Purse Say About You? Prime Hide Leather


Although traditionally purple is a colour associated with nobility and royalty, it also has close links with spirituality and mystery. The woman who picks purple is self-aware and feels connected to a greater sense of purpose; this particularly applies to darker shades. Lighter purples such as lilac can signify a woman who’s romantic, sentimental and revels in her femininity.

What Does Your Purse Say About You? Prime Hide Leather


White is well-known for being the colour which represents innocence and purity, but it doesn’t necessarily follow that a women carrying a white purse shares these qualities. Instead, she may appreciate the simple things, and prefer an uncluttered, minimalist lifestyle. Picking a white purse may also point to creativity, openness and the need to feel refreshed.


Multicoloured purses come in many varieties but the woman that chooses one is bold and adventurous. Whether it’s a full kaleidoscope of colour or just a splash of contrasting tones, a multicoloured purse is for the women who is fun, versatile and playful.

What Does Your Purse Say About You? Prime Hide Leather


The size of your designer leather purse may be a matter of practicality, or perhaps just habit, but the experts believe it’s telling insight into your mind. The size purse you choose carries an unspoken message about the kind of person you are. So, what is your purse saying about you?


A large or oversized purse provides all the room you could ever need, plus a bit more extra – just in case! Endless card slots are accompanied by an area to stash your notes, plus a coin purse too. From receipts to loyalty cards (for shops that you probably will never return to), the large purse can accommodate it all.

What Does Your Purse Say About You? Prime Hide Leather

The woman who carries a large purse probably prides herself on being organised but in reality, often struggles to find what she needs! She loves to have everything hand and doesn’t want to risk throwing something away that she might later need. She’s great at arranging nights out for everyone and is a nurturing soul who wants to make sure everyone else is OK.


A medium sized purse isn’t quite so large and flamboyant but provides all the necessary space for essentials. Cards slot in neatly, but there’s not an abundance of space so only those which are used regularly can be carried around. With an area for notes and receipts, and possibly a zipped section for coins too, this purse will carry just enough.

What Does Your Purse Say About You? Prime Hide Leather

The female who opts for a medium purse is typically the kind of person that the woman who carries an oversized purse longs to be. Ruthlessly efficient, she’s able to put her hands on exactly what she needs when she needs it. Her friends know they can rely on her and if there’s ever a crisis, she’s the person everyone would have on speed dial because of her no-nonsense approach and cool common sense.


There may be times when it’s necessary to use a small purse, such as an evening do when you’re carrying a smart clutch. However, some women opt for a smaller purse by choice, even if they’ve got a large tote bag. These small purses are often soft and unstructured and although they may have a zipper or popper to keep things secure, they’re less likely to have defined card slots.

What Does Your Purse Say About You? Prime Hide Leather

The girl who prefers a small purse for all occasions tends to be carefree and spontaneous. She’s not disorganised but prefers not to plan too far in advance because that sucks all the fun out of life! She knows that the world won’t fall apart if she’s not carrying everything with her at all times (plus if she’s friends with a girl who carries an oversized purse she’ll be able to borrow anything she doesn’t have!)

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