April 16, 2020 5 min read

Travel Like a Pro with Prime Hide leather

It’s finally happened. That amazing marketing job you applied for in sunny Dubai two months ago, but thought you had zero chance of actually getting. In fact, it seemed at the time that there was more chance of discovering the world is in fact flat after all than of you physically packing up and boarding a plane to start a new twelve month placement in the fantastic Middle East. That step up. That dream job.

You can’t quite believe it; your future employers not only read your application “with great interest” no less, but you made it through a long and intense Skype interview, followed by more shortlisting, followed by more Skype.

And then it arrived. Willy Wonka’s final golden ticket to your job in the sun; the best job in the world. And even better – the travel… Right there in black and white: “Travel essential to meet clients in Asia and the Middle East”. More flights, hotels and business meetings away from the grey UK than you can shake a selfie stick at.

You know the company inside out. You’ve researched turnover, memorised office locations in Doha and Singapore and can recite their current marketing strategy in your sleep. You (slightly over-enthusiastically) accepted their offer and your business class flights and accommodation are all confirmed.

So here you are with only 8 days, 6 hours and 13 minutes to go before your flight (not that you’re counting) – time to decide what to pack. Answer? A whole wardrobe of smart new clothes and a full baggage allowance of equally smart new luggage.

Designer Leather Briefcase

You’ve always dressed professionally for the office but somehow a few M&S shirts and trousers and two blazers from Moss Bros just aren’t going to cut the mustard for this. Not to mention your trusty but tatty briefcase that’s seen more commuter trains and taxis than most people have had hot dinners. What you really need is something high quality and sophisticated. Something more “on-trend professional” and less “first job after university” – but on slightly less than a CEO budget.

The solution is now easily available thanks to the Prime Hide Milano Drop Handle Briefcase at a fantastic £65. This stunning pure leather briefcase has a practical slimline design, making it easy to carry and stow in overhead cabin lockers. With pockets for all things stationery as well as your wallet, this briefcase is a great value buy. Not only that but it contains a clever internal netbook and tablet bag, making it easy to get your tech in and out for some last minute work in the airport lounge or to haul it out to show at security. You can choose your briefcase in either brown or black and at only 750g you know any weight restrictions won’t be half used up before you’ve even started.

Travel Like a Pro with Prime Hide leather Prime Hide Leather

A New Leather Wallet

Speaking of wallets, you now pull out your battered old “authentic” Ralph Lauren you picked up from that market in Istanbul several years ago. The zip regularly jams and with the R and the L starting to peel off it looks decidedly more like “alph auren”. Istanbul itself was truly amazing of course. From the fragrant spice markets to the Grand Bazaar to the Blue Mosque, you spent four hazy sunny days taking in the delights whilst munching on fresh baklava. Unfortunately your wallet hasn’t lasted as well as the memories.

Isn’t it funny how you can tell a lot about a person from the purse or wallet they carry? It’s not actually very often that you get to see someone’s wallet, inevitably only appearing at shop checkouts and bars before being hastily rammed back into a pocket or bag. But in those few seconds of a glimpsed wallet, judgements rightly or wrongly are easily made about a person’s possible age and status and where they are generally in life. Having sat in Departures at Heathrow last year waiting for a four-hour delayed flight to Barcelona, you got people watching down to a fine art, including what they were carrying. Young backpackers and clubbers with large bulging backpacks clutched wallets not dissimilar to my own “alph auren”. At 30-something you remember fondly the round the world ticket you bought on your gap year more years ago than you care to remember, indeed stopping off in Dubai to take in the excellent hospitality and to watch the world’s tallest building – the Burj Khalifa – not quite finished at that stage, rising up into the night sky.

You never thought in a million years back then that you’d actually be lucky enough to work there.

Now looking down at the scuffed fabric and half broken zip you know it’s time to move on and embrace the next stage. With a stylish PrimeHide leather wallet, like the Outback RFID Bifold Wallet (£16.99) for example, you can be safe in the knowledge that whichever restaurant or first class lounge you end up in with your new colleagues, you can pull it out and look every inch the confident professional. Made with smart luxury leather you can keep all your cash and cards together, plus it’s RFID safe so it doesn’t matter where you store it.

Travel Like a Pro with Prime Hide leather Prime Hide Leather

You decide to treat yourself to some new shirts and ties from Duty Free at the airport. There will be loads of time to kill no doubt and frankly by then you’ll be so full of nervous energy you’ll be glad of something to do. Your mind drifts back to that delayed flight to Barcelona and the beating your credit card took whilst you were again trying to kill time. Having become so engrossed in buying CK Escape and Absolut vodka (some of those flavours aren’t even available on the high street – it would be rude not to) you’d completely lost track of time and ended up only just making it to the gate before closing. The irony was not lost on you. Having tried hard to ignore the varying degrees of annoyance on the faces of your fellow passengers you’d slumped gratefully into seat 19C a rather sweaty mess. At least it was an aisle seat and you hadn’t had to climb over anyone. The worse thing though was that because you were so late boarding the plane, the gate staff had announced the cabin lockers were full and you’d need to check your hard shell cabin case into the hold. OK you thought, for a short 2-hour flight you can manage – but when your case was unloaded the other end it looked battered and bruised to say the least. Time now for something new.

Update your Leather Tavel Bag

The Rugged Leather Cabin Holdall from PrimeHide Leather is ideal. Available in black and brown options and priced at £150 this stylish cabin bag is built to last. Made from the highest quality thick oiled leather this cabin bag is ultra-durable yet smart enough for any business trip or overnight stay. Its large capacity and internal pockets is great for the even the most avid over-packer; perfect for buying new shirts and other necessities at the airport!

Travel Like a Pro with Prime Hide leather Prime Hide Leather

The big day finally arrives. With a mixture of huge excitement and pure terror you arrive at the airport and join the crowds of holiday makers and business travellers in the (extremely slow moving) queue for security. Clutching your brand new Prime Hide wallet, briefcase and cabin bag and wearing a sharp new Hugo Boss suit you look every inch the go-getting business professional – even though inside you feel like jelly. There’s nothing else for it – time for some people-watching…