April 08, 2020 5 min read

If you’re planning a trip away and have all your clothes sorted, you also need to invest in some accessories. Find out some of the options available at Prime Hide Leather

As we are now deep into spring, it is likely that you, if you are like us, will be thinking and dreaming about the summer and all those warm days and long nights. Particularly so if you have booked a nice holiday away to somewhere exotic and where there’s a warmer climate than back here in the UK. We all need a break from the hustle bustle and the inclement weather we have and to take some time out and recharge our batteries.

Have you organised what you are going to wear on holiday yet? Where you are going will obviously play a big part on what you take. Even if you haven’t bought all the items yet, it’s likely that with only a few months to go, you have a good idea of what kinds of clothes you will be packing.

And if you are style-conscious and something of a fashionista, you will likely have clothes that not only fulfill practical needs, depending on the temperature, weather conditions and type of holiday you are taking, but also look good too. After all, you want to look your best, whether it’s while you are walking along the seafront, out for dinner in the evening or chilling on the beach.

Why You Need to Invest in Accessories

You will undoubtedly want to look good even when you are boarding and exiting the plane. If you are really interested in making the right impression and want to feel good about yourself while you take that much-needed break, have you given much thought to your accessories? When travelling, it’s important that your luggage, bags and any other important items you need to carry are well protected and secure, but also don’t look out of place with what you’re wearing.

Therefore, you should give some thought to styling out the accessories. Those accessories that you need to keep your luggage, passport, cash and other important items safe and in keeping with your overall look. If you’ve not given this side of your packing much thought or just need some hints and tips, we have put together this helpful blog post.

Coloured Leather Luggage Tags

Luggage going missing between airports can get your holiday off to a really bad start. That’s why it’s vital that you have luggage tags on all your baggage. But who says they need to look plain and boring? At Prime Hide Leather, we have luggage tags made from soft and genuine leather. They have a card insert with space to write your personal details and are available in a wide range of excellent colours, making them great for both men and women.

That also means that you will have no trouble picking your bags out while you wait for your luggage. Especially when you are trying to pick out your suitcase from a collection of similar looking items. Unless you enjoy waiting around in a hot airport and don’t want to get to that pool or hotel room bed?

Some Practical and Stylish Accessory Options So You Look Great on Holiday Prime Hide Leather

Passport Cover/Passport Holder

Your passport is your gateway to adventures in other lands. If you lost it on route or while you were aware, you’d not only face the problem of having to buy a new one, but you may have to go to the British embassy and your holiday may ultimately be cut short. Therefore, to keep your passport safe and in good condition while you travel, it’s good to have leather passport cover or holder. At Prime Hide Leather, we have a great option for keeping your passport safe. It’s made from soft genuine leather and has cotton lining and plastic sections. You can even find one to match your own personal style as it’s available in 11 excellent colours. With RFID Protection built in your passport will be safe from scanners and security theft.

Some Practical and Stylish Accessory Options So You Look Great on Holiday Prime Hide Leather

Travel Planner

If, though, you want something a bit more versatile that has space for more than just your passport, you may want to consider buying a travel planner. This is a great way to ensure you have everything you need, easily accessible and in one place. The Prime Hide Leather zip-around planner is made from soft and luxurious hide leather. It’s available in a stylish range of colours and has a high-quality wrist strap that keeps everything in place. There’s space for a total of seven different card slots, an ID pouch, a passport pocket and various other pockets.

You will not only be organised, but also look smart and feel good too. The last thing you want, after all, when you are trying to enjoy that break, is to worry about having the right local currency on your person, as well as having ID and your practical plastic and RFID Protection.

Some Practical and Stylish Accessory Options So You Look Great on Holiday Prime Hide Leather

Travel Purse Wallet

As well as somewhere to keep your passport and other travel documents, you may want something smaller and more compact than the above. For things like credit cards and money that you need on a daily basis, a good quality purse is something you’ll need to complete those killer looks whatever you intend on doing while you’re away. One like the luxury genuine leather model from Prime Hide Leather. Like many of the other products we have, this is available in 10 different vibrant and attractive colours. It has a slimline design, rear zipper closure pocket for coins and a push click opening for easy access and RFID Protection.

Some Practical and Stylish Accessory Options So You Look Great on Holiday Prime Hide Leather

Large Cosmetic Pouch

Of course, if you are trying to look your best all the time while on holiday, you will want to bring along with you your favourite makeup and other cosmetic products. To keep everything in your bags and luggage neat, tidy and well organised, why not invest then in a good quality cosmetics pouch like the large one we have at Prime Hide Leather.

Every woman, even one on holiday, needs a place to keep all those essentials. Whether you are sliding it into your handbag to top up your lippy or apply more foundation while out and about or to keep it in your luggage to start each and every day looking your absolutely stunning best!

Some Practical and Stylish Accessory Options So You Look Great on Holiday Prime Hide Leather

Why Choose Prime Hide Leather?

Now that we have looked at some of the leather travel accessories you may want to invest in before you head off on your trip, you may wonder why you should choose Prime Hide Leather over other options. There are many options out there, but at Prime Hide we take pride in our work and craftsmanship. Not only that but the materials, the genuine soft leather we use to create our striking and functional designs is chosen because of its durability. When you buy leather products from us, you are investing in a long future with those products.

Rather than always following the crowd, we are known for shaking things up stylistically and prefer to make bags and other accessories that help you stand out as an individual. So, if you are on the look out for robust, stylish and practical items to make your holiday more relaxed and easier to cope with, you don’t need to look further than Prime Hide Leather.