April 16, 2020 5 min read

Travel Safe with Prime Hide

You’re all set. You’ve dreamed about it for months. With your nose pressed up against the office window you’ve watched rainy days and sunny days blur into one with a feeling of anticipation like that of a child at Christmas. Raring to go on your well-earned trip to the sun. The day has finally arrived.

You’ve packed enough in your biggest suitcase to comfortably live on a deserted island for the next five years at least, and even retrieved your favourite beach hat from the Narnia at the back of your wardrobe. You’ve made list after list but you still somehow feel completely disorganised. Currency? Check. Dog dropped off at the kennels? Check. Cancelled the milkman? Check. Next thing… hand luggage. Some people swear they can survive perfectly unfazed for two full weeks away on nothing but a carry-on bag. Let’s face it, we all know the type. With a slightly smug “how can you need so much?” these people happily survive on two t-shirts and two pairs of underwear and still have change from a 6-pack of Next trainer liners. Yes it does mean they don’t need to pay the pricy baggage charges that plague the less “vesturely challenged” but where’s the fun in having to squash your neatly ironed silk evening blouse into that grubby backpack you found under the spare room bed?

Having decided you definitely can’t share a suitcase with your better half and you really ought to have your own one, you still find you haven’t got enough room for that last pair of wedge sandals you got for a bargain price last week… or that new swimsuit; the one that definitely knocks at least a stone off you if you wear said wedge sandals at the same time and give up breathing for two minutes whilst trying to stand up straight.

Carry On Luggage

What you really need is the biggest, most practical carry-on bag you can get away with…

With this in mind, the first thing is to check with your airline to see exactly what your hand luggage allowance is. Some airlines, like EasyJet, have particular size restrictions on hand luggage, but crucially no weight limit. Some even let you take on a small handbag in addition to your carry-on bag. As long as you can lift it yourself into the overhead cabin lockers without doing you or anyone else a mischief, you should be fine. Other airlines such as British Airways and Ryanair do have weight as well as size restrictions for cabin baggage, so always check. Otherwise you might well be faced with a very embarrassing unpacking and repacking session in front of a line of onlookers at the check-in desk. Or even better, a hefty excess baggage fee.

Armed with this information, you can now plan what you need in your hand luggage. It should contain the things you are likely to need at hand during your flight, like your documents, car keys, cards, cosmetics and bottles of water (or something stronger) you bought after Security. A perfect solution is a carry-on bag like our Elpaso Duffle Holdall. Made from beautiful soft brown leather its simple yet stylish design offers a deceptively large space for everything you might need on either a long or short haul flight. Including, possibly, those wedges…

Travel Safe with Prime Hide Prime Hide Leather

Elpaso Duffle holdall 722

You’re nearly ready to go. Just one more thing to remember; the one thing you cannot lose, or worse, have stolen. The little red book of anxiety dreams. Once packed, you check and recheck a hundred times just in case it’s somehow magically dissolved into thin air or been sucked into an invisible portal somewhere between the airport car park and the check-in desks.

Travel Planner Wallet

Yes, your passport: the key that unlocks the door of travel possibilities galore. But nothing can give you that grounded feeling quite like realising you haven’t seen it since you sunk into that oversized pub sofa by gate 42. Even if you successfully sustain and nurture your passport from home to airport to plane, you still only just stop short of tucking it into bed with you every night whilst you’re away in the vague hope it might just stick around long enough to get you home again.

And then there’s your credit cards. They mustn’t disappear either. Those little plastic lifelines that mean even if you’re down to your last 5p and half a pack of Wrigleys you can still stretch to that gorgeous perfume you saw in Duty Free.

What with your passport, your credit cards and half a forest worth of important travel printouts to keep hold of, it’s no wonder stress levels can run high.

The answer? An RFID Safe Zip Around Travel Planner. Designed to perfectly accommodate your UK passport as well as tickets and up to seven credit cards, our stylish luxury leather travel planner wallet is big enough to keep everything together, yet small enough to easily fit into your hand luggage or shoulder bag. The outer zip runs around the entire edge of the wallet so nothing will slip out the sides and there’s an internal zip for keeping loose change in too. Stocked in a variety of colours we’re sure you’ll find one to match your favourite holiday outfit. It even has a wrist carry handle, so it stays on you and goes nowhere else.

Travel Safe with Prime Hide Prime Hide Leather

Zipped Travel planner available in 10 colour choices

Travel Safely with RFID Accessories

So what does “RFID Safe” mean and why would you need it? Because the other thing you really don’t want to lose is your identity. The fact is, you’ll know pretty quickly if you’ve left your passport at Security or down the side of that pub sofa, but it might be some time later before you realise that despite a little overspending on tequila and that full-size blow up cactus for next door’s kids, those Iron Maiden tickets and three Sony Playstations are definitely not yours. Someone’s stolen your details. And they don’t even have to physically have your card in their hands to do it. We all know that fraud and stolen identities are never more than one mistake away. But did you know somebody can steal your credit card information simply by standing next to you? All they need is a special reader to nab your card details literally just by being in your vicinity. Scary? We think so.

Travel Safe with Prime Hide Prime Hide Leather

Travel planner purse available in 10 colour choices

Our RFID-blocking travel wallets work by encasing your cards in a material which blocks a hacking device. So not only does it keep your passport and travel documents on you all at the same time, it also protects your credit cards – and we don’t mean from your overspending on Duty Free.

Finally, you make it. Everything you need for the flight is tucked safely away in the overhead locker and you slump down into your preassigned window seat. The stress of the last few days and hours starts to melt away, to be replaced by the heady whiff of several departure lounge perfume testers and a hint of jet fuel. The hardest decisions you’ll need to make over the next fourteen whole days will range from whether to have a G&T or white wine spritzer after dinner, to what to wear on the beach. This whole travel thing’s easy really – what were you stressing about? If you could just remember where you last saw your travel pillow…