April 16, 2020 2 min read

Why You Need a RFID Passport Cover

As criminals devise many creative and nefarious new ways to part people from their identities, the popularity of RFID passport cover wallets and other similar blocking technology is on the rise. These simple credit card and passport covers may look like typical, but beautiful leather wallets and covers to the naked eye. The technology they contain inside, however, is meant to protect users from identity theft.

RFID stands for radio-frequency identification. RFID chips are designed to allow fast scanning of passports, credit cards and other important forms of identification. Whilst they do speed up transactions for consumers, they may pose a security risk. Since RFID chips don’t require direct contact to be scanned, people without RFID passport cover wallets designed to block the chip’s ability to be read may face scanning from unwanted sources. Identity thieves, for example, have been known to use their own scanners to pull critical information out of people’s wallets without them knowing about it until it’s too late.

RFID passport cover designs that are meant to block scanners simply stop scanners from reading cards until they are fully removed by their owners. When an RFID blocker is used, passports and credit cards are stored within the material that is capable of cutting off communication between chips and scanners. The end result is greater control over personal information.

For those concerned about style, some of the finest leather goods producers now include RFID-blocking technology in the wallets and passport covers the design. To the naked eye, these special designs will look like any beautifully crafted wallet or cover. RFID passport cover wallets, however, provide an added level of security for peace of mind.

As identity theft continues to be a growing global concern, these covers are becoming increasingly important. Leather RFID passport cover designs provide a beautiful way to enhance safety on the road. They make a discerning choice for anyone who carries cards and other documents that are RFID equipped.