April 16, 2020 4 min read

Winters on our mind and no doubt you are feeling the same way too. And as we wrap ourselves up to block out the cold, the countdown for Christmas will begin at the start of next month too! Still, who doesn’t enjoy digging out the jumpers and sweaters and checking out the Autumn/Winter ranges that look so enticing in store it would be a crime not to go in and at least try one on. Or two, or three…

Those smart and lucky enough to be planning a winter break away from the cold have definitely got the right idea. There are plenty of places around the world that are the complete opposite to our single figure temperatures, and more and more people head away off-season to avoid the tourist rush and snap up some great travel bargains.

Whatever your plans this winter – whether you are heading off to the beach or making the most of the skiing season – you need to plan ahead. As always, Prime Hide have got you covered and have a great list of essential items you’ll need for your winter getaway. Read on below and make sure you’ve got everything you need to make your holiday is a memorable one.

Protect your passport

You can forget almost anything else when you are going away, except your passport. Without that small little book your holiday starts and ends at the airport. Your passport also needs protecting to keep it from picking up scuff marks while travelling and to ensure the inner pages don’t become worn and torn. They also add a little bit more organisation which means that you can quickly identify the passport when searching for it in your bag. Most importantly, if they contain RFID protection, then any digital information held on the passport cannot be scanned without your knowledge.

With other ten colours to choose from, this Passport Holder ticks every single box we mentioned above. That also means it is RFID protected, so you don’t have to worry about any of those underhand thieves trying to steal your information. The passport simply slips inside and you can choose to leave it open on the photo page spread across the two plastic covers. You simply open it up when ready, before quickly closing and tucking it safely back inside your luggage.

Must Have Items For A Winter Getaway Prime Hide Leather

Is it time for a new wallet?

Take one look at your wallet and be honest with yourself, how long is it since you bought a new one? If you are seeing threads of material, or holes starting to appear then the holiday is the perfect excuse to pick up a new one. It’s also fair to say that on holiday you will be reaching into your pocket more regularly to make the most of your time abroad, and you want to make an impression. And it’s not just a wallet for the holiday, as it will literally last for years beyond that – and several more holidays too!

With so many Men’s leather wallets in our range to choose from, you might find it tough just picking out one. You may want to stick to something simple and if so, pick up our Havana Small Notecase Wallet which offers RFID protection and ample room inside.

Must Have Items For A Winter Getaway Prime Hide Leather

Or go for the rustic look, with this Hunter Trifold Wallet which is great for stashing away coinage and any extra receipts you may need to hang onto for use in the near future.

Must Have Items For A Winter Getaway Prime Hide Leather

Scrub up well with a new washbag

Washbags aren’t just essential for your winter getaway, they’re a necessity for life! It’s similar to investing in a leather bag in that once you own a washbag it will last for years, as long as you treat it well. We’ve all had at least one toiletry disaster travelling away where that one bottle we thought was shut tight opens up and introduces itself to the rest of our clothes. If that happens in a washbag, then at least your clothes will remain protected, and if you get a bit of shampoo on your toothbrush then it can only help add an extra sparkle to your pearly whites!

If you want a spacious, yet compact leather wash bag, look no further than this stylish option. It covers the basics with the waterproof lining and a thick, strong leather wrist strap that allows it to be carried with ease and hung near to a shower or bath. It even has a front pocket which is probably the best place to tuck away your toothbrush, so it doesn’t come into contact with any other toiletries in the bag whilst travelling. It is available in either black or brown to suit your stylistic preferences.

Must Have Items For A Winter Getaway Prime Hide Leather


Journey with a new bag

You can buy a passport holder, washbag and a wallet but, of course, you are going to need a bag to put all of these wonderful new purchases into. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a full size bag for all of your luggage. When you have settled into your accommodation and are ready to go out doing the ‘touristy’ stuff, then a travel pouch bag is ideal. It’s not too bulky and doesn’t slow you down as you move around the local area. Plus you can keep all your little bits and pieces with you so they can easily be accessed when you need.

Picking up a nifty leather flight bag before your holiday pretty much kills two birds with one stone. First of all it works as the perfect little companion on the move, a place for you to tuck away important personal items. Secondly, it can hold your wallet, phone and other items on any day trips you take on holiday. The Milano Flight Bag is compact and light to carry, while giving you perfect storage options. There’s nothing worse than having to find room on your person for the little bits and pieces you take with you on a day trip and this bag helps you avoid having to do so.

Must Have Items For A Winter Getaway Prime Hide Leather

As always, keep your eyes peeled for new products as and when we introduce them on our website. We’ve got all the essentials you need before you fly away for your winter holiday this year, and even if you’re not heading away it’s the perfect time to start thinking about that all important Christmas list.