Keep Your Money Safe This Summer

April 16, 2020 4 min read

May has already given us some unbelievably hot weather and the hottest May Bank Holiday ever recorded, so it’s been impossible not to start dreaming about our summer holidays. Whether you have booked ahead or not, feeling the sun beaming down from the sky will only put you in the best possible mood and forgetting that winter ever existed.

Wherever you are thinking of travelling to, be it within the UK or abroad, safety will always be one of the main concerns on your mind once you leave home. This is especially true when it comes protecting our hard earned money, and it pays to make sure you have a secure leather wallet that will keep your cash and credit cards safe at all times.

It’s natural to feel more vulnerable as you leave the comfort zone of your normal surroundings but with careful planning and being aware of any potential dangers, you can make sure your holiday remains the fun and rewarding experience it should be. Below are some tips on how to safeguard your money and cards along with some recommendations on the best leather wallets available in our collection that will help them stay protected.

Protecting your money

Keep a close eye on your money while you are travelling should always be a priority. A good tip is to only carry the money you need with you for the activity you are doing, rather than holding half your savings in the wallet. You may not even experience theft but a wallet can be lost at any time, so losing only a small amount is easier to accept than a lot of cash.

You may even choose to carry two wallets, spreading the risk and lessening the chance of losing everything. If you need to use an ATM, always make sure it is in a well-lit public area, covering the keypad with your hand and remaining vigilant at all times.

Our Blaze Bifold Wallet not only helps you to protect your money when it counts but keeps you looking sleek and stylish every single time. A popper button opening keeps it shut tightly while in your pocket and there are plenty of compartments inside to keep your money separated.

Keep Your Money Safe This Summer Prime Hide Leather

Make the most of the slip pocket and a zipped note compartment where you can stash away your high value notes from prying hands. The three credit cards slots are perfectly designed to keep them tightly in place as you travel around enjoying your holiday.

Keeping your credit cards safe

It makes sense to notify your credit card provider that you will be travelling abroad. This will allow them to be alert to any series of irregular or suspicious activities so it can be cancelled quickly. Having a photocopy of your credit cards at the bottom of your luggage or back home with a friend will also make it easier to cancel should it be lost or stolen.

One of the best ways to protect your card from secret skimmers is to purchase a leather wallet featuring RFID blocking technology, which keeps your details safe even when you’re not aware of it.

If you’re not much of a cash-guy and prefer to place everything on your credit cards on holiday, then the Havana Credit Card Holder ticks all the right boxes. You might be wary to leave your hotel with too many things that could leave you vulnerable, so a classy credit card holder will help to stick to the essentials.

Keep Your Money Safe This Summer Prime Hide Leather

Using the finest leather hides it is perfectly stitched together and completed with a supple cotton striped lining. The flap opening makes it easy to conceal your cards and with four slots on the inside you can still have a good selection to hand whenever you need. And because of its integrated RFID blocking technology, no-one will ever be able to skim your card details as you move around.

How to secure your ID

Your identity can prove to be just as valuable to thieves as your bank account so it pays to protect it while travelling. Keep as little information about yourself with you as possible so if your leather wallet is lost or stolen no-one can use it for criminal activity.

Don’t keep all of your identity information in one place so in the event that something does go wrong you are not left completely empty handed. A good leather wallet will also provide some space to keep some ID as it may be needed if travelling into certain regions or areas of a country abroad.

Guys who prefer something that looks a little more rustic will surely be won over by our Hunter Trifold Wallet. If you are travelling abroad and thinking of hiring a vehicle of some kind you’ll need a space to put your identification should it ever be needed.

Keep Your Money Safe This Summer Prime Hide Leather

This rugged soft leather wallet comes complete with a perfectly sized ID pouch that is discreetly tucked away inside. RFID protection also comes as part of the package to ward off any unwanted scanners, and there is ample room available to tuck away notes and coins in the relevant compartment spaces.

No matter what your plans may be for the summer months we want you and your belongings to remain safe at all times. By following a few simple rules you can relax and enjoy your hard-earned holiday without having being overwhelmed with worry about the things that could go wrong. The truth is that the vast majority of holidaymakers go abroad and never have any problems at all, but it always pays to be mindful and alert just in case.

Our men’s leather wallets are designed to help you get the most out of using them not only on holiday but in everyday life. These are a small selection taken from our full leather wallet range which you will find in our Mens Leather Wallets

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