April 16, 2020 4 min read

Journey in Style With a Leather Flight Bag

Flight bags are all about organisation and keeping your personal effects safely tucked away for easy access. They prove to be a great alternative to rucksacks because they offer the same functionality with the only real difference being how the bag is positioned on the body. Although it may seem obvious, before flight bags became commercially popular, they were primarily used (and still are) by pilots to carry all of the information they needed for the journey ahead. Flight documentation, licenses and any other accessories were placed into the various compartments, so you can easily see why so many people use it on their own personal journeys today.

A leather flight bag is also great for those times when you are out travelling to a regional or continental destination and need a bag that is small to carry and will keep your possessions safe at all times. The added bonus is that a leather flight bag is both light and durable, making it a worthwhile purchase because it is a bag you can rely on to stand the test of time. Our range of timeless flight bags will ensure you not only look stylish but have everything where you need it.

Keeping Your Belongings Close to Hand

The chances are when you are about to board an airplane you won’t be heading towards the cockpit (although we could be wrong!) but what better way to keep your essentials close by than with a flight bag? It is easy to carry on board, either worn cross-body, or simply resting on one shoulder. Once on-board the plane, the bag is easy to keep out of harm’s way by placing it on your lap, on the floor below or underneath the seat, without getting in the way of those you are sitting close to.

If you are looking for a bag that can hold your laptop or iPad and one or two other bits and pieces, then this lovely Outback Medium Flight Bag is just the job. The bag has three zip pockets located on the front and an additional one can be found on the back, which a mobile can slot into perfectly. It will provide all the space you need for your journey while allowing you to reach inside quickly to take out what your belongings.

Journey in Style With a Leather Flight Bag Prime Hide Leather

Size Always matters

One of the first decisions you’ll face when it comes to buying a flight bag is figuring out which size will match your needs. Much of that comes down to how regularly you will use it, whether you are something of a jet-setter, or planning to carry it on a daily basis so you can travel lightly to and from work. Think about the items you will typically pack away on any given day. Then, look at any slightly bulkier items that may occasionally be used on your journey and if you plan to use the bag at other times, like a holiday or other events. Ideally, what you want to find is a bag that allows for everything you need, plus a little more room – because you know something will always turn up to change the best laid plans!

Some bags are just made to give you all the room you could dream of and this Outback Large Flight Bag certainly does that. What first strikes you about this bag is the soft oiled brown leather that gives it an instantly classic look. This proves to be a popular choice for working professionals who find themselves rushing from one airport and hotel to another. The soft leather means it won’t push down into your shoulders, even with a considerable amount of paperwork inside and there are multiple compartments to secure vital business and flight documentation.

Journey in Style With a Leather Flight Bag Prime Hide Leather
944 Outback Large Leather Flight Bag

Travel Light With a Leather Flight Bag

The summertime pleads with us to rush outside and explore the world around us, to spend as many hours as possible outdoors enjoying the warm delights it can offer. A common conundrum is figuring out how to leave home with all the essentials you need for the day ahead – your keys, phone, wallet and other small bits and pieces related to your activity – without padding out every single pocket in your shorts or trousers! With slim designs on trend, the last thing you want is to create horrible looking lumps that not only make it hard to sit down and but encourage you to sweat during the day.

Bringing a small piece of Italian craftsmanship along with you will definitely help to solve all of those problems. Take a look at our cool Milano Small Flight Bag, for example. It’s classy enough to blend in with your summer outfits, it certainly isn’t too bulky to get in your way or clutter your look and it allows you to pack all the things you need safely into one place. The three separate zipped sections means you can also place each item into its own compartment, saving you from having to rummage around if you need to find something in a hurry.

Journey in Style With a Leather Flight Bag Prime Hide Leather

Whether you are planning a trip to the seaside, leaving your hotel for the day, heading out from the campsite or just storing your items for daily use, a leather flight bag offers tremendous versatility. Not only are our bags classic in design, but you will soon discover that a flight bag rarely goes out of style. You’ll never be ashamed to pull it out of the wardrobe and the neutral dark colours we offer mean you can match the bag to your outfit, rather than having to go out of your way to style yourself to your accessory.

A leather flight bag also says something about who you are as a traveller, proving you can still travel in style while always being organised without having to be overly meticulous. They are bags with real class and character that stand out from many of the traditional bags available, giving you a true sense of individuality too. Check out our full range on the website and get ready to take to the skies without a care in the world.