April 16, 2020 5 min read

Finding The Right Leather Washbag For Your Holiday

That annoying bugbear that seems to rear its head nearly all of the time. You move to a bigger house or flat and before you know it, all that extra room has somehow disappeared into thin air. Then you buy yourself a new car, which looks so pristine and clean, complete with – hallelujah – an empty boot. Yet it seems that in the blink of an eye, gym kits, clothes hangers and an assortment of other objects soon make it their new home. We just seem obsessed with accumulating ‘stuff’. The reality is, in those lazy moments when we can’t be bothered to carry something a few extra yards to its usual resting place, ‘stuff’ clutters up the corners we used to appreciate for being so clean.

Packing ahead of your trip away is no different a challenge. Even if you buy the world’s biggest bag, by the time you’ve finished packing, you’re struggling to perform a wrestling move on top of it, trying to cram that last piece of clothing inside. Finally you get that zip shut. Job done. Or so you think. One quick look to the side and you realise all your toiletries are sitting on the dresser, laughing at your suffering. So once again you open up the zip, everything springs into the air and you land back in square one, fighting the laws of physics in your bedroom.


But it doesn’t have to be that way. Of course, when you go away you want to keep looking the best you can, without having to compromise on that all important hairspray, skin cream or shaving foam. Packing your toiletries away in a wash or toiletry bag will actually save space, and help to avoid the disaster of arriving at your destination and opening up your suitcase to find that the shampoo has introduced itself to every single item of clothing inside!

Take for example our Zipped Bottom Leather Toiletry Bag, which combines functionality with a real sense of modern style, so you won’t be embarrassed to pull this out of your suitcase if you are stopping off midway on a long flight, quickly needing to refresh yourself. With plenty of room found inside, you won’t have to fiddle around trying extract the item you need, as it not only opens with a zipped hinge on the top end but has an extra zipped pocket too.

Finding The Right Leather Washbag For Your Holiday Prime Hide Leather


One of the most important things you need from a reliable toiletry bag is a strong strap that will enable it to hang nearby when in the bathroom. If you are infront of the sink or in the bedroom getting ready for the day ahead, that is less of a requirement. Step into the shower, however, and the last thing you need is to be dangling your hand precariously outside of the curtain in the hope it will land on the bag and find what you need. Or worse still, overstretching and finding yourself in a heap on the floor!

Our Milano Toiletry Bag is ideal, not only because of its sleek Italian leather design but due to a number of practical reasons too. The strong leather strap allows you hang the bag close by when it is time to get into the shower, so you easily grab that shampoo or body wash you need. Its waterproof lining also helps to protect the inside from becoming saturated with moisture and the compartments allow you to separate your toiletries, so you can easily find what you need. Using the inside pouch and pockets means you can place different items for every family member in each one, helping you to avoid having to unpack and repack all the time, which can be one of the most frustrating and time consuming parts of going away.

Finding The Right Leather Washbag For Your Holiday Prime Hide Leather


If you’re someone who travels frequently by yourself, be it because of business or through personal preference, then the Outback Hanging Toiletry Bag would be the one for you. Especially if you are rarely held down to one particular place, hitting the road as you backpack along your route. Obviously some toiletry bags are able to store items more helpfully than others and the Outback bag certainly does that.

With six different compartments built into the design, you certainly won’t be asking for any more space. One of the biggest problems any traveller faces is trying to keep your items separated but with three pouch pockets and a large mesh front, you can easily keep your toothbrush well away from the soap or shampoo. Additional internal and external zip pockets give you all the space you could ever need for storage. You can also use the metal hook to hang the bag up when you are in the bathroom, making sure everything you need is within easy reach.

Finding The Right Leather Washbag For Your Holiday Prime Hide Leather


With airport security getting tighter and tighter with every passing year, the likelihood is you will have to scan your toiletry bag separately during airport security. Having your bag accessible is key here, which means placing it at the top of your bag or in the side zip, so you can easily reach inside and not have to hear all the frustrated tutting behind you!

Wash and toiletry bags are typically very low maintenance accessories to add to your luggage. Naturally, given their usage, they are likely to get damp but you can quite simply dry them out in an airing cupboard or near good ventilation overnight. If the bag isn’t being used on a regular basis, having a small tub of saddle soap at hand is also a good idea, as light application will help to clean and soften the leather too. Although this may not be needed if it is used regularly.

A toiletry or wash bag should always be an essential part of your luggage when planning to go away. If you choose to carry it separately, or place it in your hand luggage, it will mean you can find a little bit more room for one or two more pieces of clothing, or simply for when you are heading home, as packing in preparation for your return always seems even more difficult than when you departed.

Prime Hide Leather have got covered when it comes to getting ready for your trip away, keeping you looking stylish with a price tag you can afford.