April 16, 2020 5 min read

So you’ve booked up your summer holidays and are looking forward to the chance to spend a week or two relaxing in pastures new. However, before you sit back and wait for the big day to roll around, you need to ensure that you have everything organised and planned properly.

Many people book up their accommodation and flights and then forget all about the smaller details. However, these are the things that can have a huge impact on your overall holiday experience, which is why you need to make sure you plan ahead. There are many things that you need to check or purchase ready for your holiday and it is a bad idea to leave it until the last minute.

When you have a fabulous summer holiday to look forward to, the last thing you want to be doing is running around trying to get things done at the eleventh hour when you should be kicking back and waiting for your transportation to the airport.

So, let’s take a look at some of the essential checks and purchases you need to consider ready for your summer holiday.

Some Of The Key Checks And Purchases  

There are many vital checks and purchases that may be necessary for your holiday. However, a surprising number of people fail to consider these because they get caught up in the excitement of the holiday itself. Some of the key ones include:


If you are travelling abroad, you are not going to get very far without a valid passport! However, many people fail to check their passports are in date before booking travel, which is a really bad idea. These days, you can make your passport applications online if it is not a first passport, which does make things a little easier. However, while the Passport Office aims to have passports processed within several weeks, it can take a lot longer depending on the time of year.

The last thing you want is to find out at the last minute that your passport is not in date, so this is something that you should check before you even book your flights and accommodation. So, before you start booking up your holiday, make sure you check the passports of every person that will be travelling.

Once you’ve got your passport, keeping it safe and in good condition is paramount. Why not get one of our passport holder with a different colour for each member of the family, or travel planner both items come with RFID Protection to add that extra level of security.

Essential Checks for Your Summer Holiday Prime Hide Leather Essential Checks for Your Summer Holiday Prime Hide Leather


Travel Luggage and Flight Bags 

As we know, airlines are very strict with regard to luggage these days, particularly when it comes to hand luggage. Before you head off on your travels, you should make sure you have the right luggage including larger cases and small flight bags. When it comes to small flight bags, you need to ensure the bag you have adheres to size limitations as set by the airline otherwise you could find yourself facing a real problem when you are at the airport. You also want to ensure that your hand luggage is secure and of high quality as you may be carrying important documentation in there such as your passport and foreign currency. We have a great range of small leather flight bags just perfect for all your small items that need to be kept close at hand.
Essential Checks for Your Summer Holiday Prime Hide Leather

So, once you have booked your holiday, check and see what travel bag you already have that will be suitable for the flight and is in good condition. If your luggage is worn or you do not have anything of a suitable size, make sure you purchase appropriate travel luggage and take into consideration the number of people travelling when you make your purchases.


You should always check with the airline that you are travelling with exactly what the weight limitations are for hand and hold luggage. In addition, you need to check what you are allowed to carry on by way of hand luggage, as this can vary from one airline to another. You can then purchase a quality duffle bag or overnight bag for your needs and ensure you pack accordingly.

Essential Checks for Your Summer Holiday Prime Hide Leather

Travel Insurance 

Most of us take out insurance for all sorts of things from protecting the home and our belongings through to protecting our pets. However, what about when you are travelling abroad? If something goes wrong or you are caught up in an emergency, you could find yourself facing real issues if you do not have travel insurance cover in place.

A lot of people make the mistake of heading off on their travels without insurance but this ends up costing them dearly when something goes awry and they have no protection in place. You can get some great deals on travel insurance these days, so it really isn’t worth skimping on this protection and risking having to pay a fortune in the event of a problem.

You will find plenty of different options when it comes to travel insurance such as cover for singles, couples, groups, and families. In addition, you can choose from annual or single trip cover based on how often you tend to travel. When you look for suitable cover, make sure you take these factors into consideration to help you to make a more informed choice.

Foreign currency 

When you travel abroad, the other thing you will need to think about is foreign currency. Some people leave this until the last minute and get it from the airport on the way out rather than getting it beforehand. However, if you don’t shop around and get the timing right, you could end up losing a chunk of foreign money that you could otherwise have spent on enjoying yourself. As you know, currency exchange rates fluctuate all the time so you need to keep an eye out for the best time to buy.

Simply keeping a check on exchange rates can help you to reduce the amount you pay for the money you need or means that you can get more foreign currency for the amount you have to spend. Either way, you will be better off than simply winging it and getting it at the airport on the day of travel.

Another thing to bear in mind with foreign currency is that the amount you receive can also vary based on the provider you choose. While there won’t be a massive difference between different providers, the amount can still be significant if you plan to change a lot of GBP into the required foreign currency, so it is definitely worth shopping around to find the best deals.

Another thing worth bearing in mind is that if you plan to take a credit card for convenience, you could be hit with crippling fees and charges by your card provider. Therefore, you may want to consider a prepaid foreign currency card instead, which you can preload with the currency of your choice and then use with ease and convenience while abroad.

Plan ahead and enjoy a relaxing holiday 

In short, planning ahead makes it far easier to enjoy a relaxing holiday. While you may need to do a little extra work at the planning stages of your holiday, it is far better than leaving it until the last minute and then having to rush around trying to get things organised.

Of course, there are plenty of other things that you will need to think about such as how you will get to the airport, arranging transfers when you get to your destination, and pre-booking excursions and trips so that you can save money on the cost. By doing all of this well in advance, you can save yourself a lot of time, hassle, and money when it comes to your up and coming holiday.

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