April 16, 2020 4 min read

If you are the sort of person who regularly takes short plane trips, be it for business or pleasure, then you will surely have your routine down to a tee. You probably don’t even have to think too much about what to pick, because after doing it so many times, it just becomes second nature.  Any mistakes you made were back in the early days of travelling and now you have it down to a sweet science.

These Carry On Bags Are Everything Right Now Prime Hide Leather

Airports are probably one the least fun places to spend your time and the key is making sure you can get through the checkpoint and into the departure lounge as quickly as possible. By now you know the rules and regulations of what you can or can’t pack into your carry on bag better than any of the airport staff! Once through you can grab yourself a cup of coffee, or a bottle of water, have an eye on your gate and get ready to board as soon as possible.

All this is well and good but you need a carry on bag you can rely on through thick and thin. One that will not only stand up to constant wear and tear, while giving you good packing space, but a bag that is stylish and says something about your professional lifestyle too.

What A Carry On

Getting onto the plane quickly and without hassle is an art all within itself. Everyone has their own method: some get to the front of the queue so they can rush to their seat without having to shuffle down the aisle and wait for that one person (there’s always one!) to squeeze their bag into the overhead. Or, some like to sit and wait for the boarding queue to go down and when the coast is clear, step onto the plane and into their seat. Then there is the third way of doing it – not paying any attention and getting stuck right in the middle of slow moving people traffic – which is never a good idea!

These Carry On Bags Are Everything Right Now Prime Hide Leather

The Elapso Duffle Bag will make sure you aren’t the one stuck in the middle of the aisle while everyone tuts and sighs waiting for you to get settled. Its size is a little deceiving because not only is it spacious but also surprisingly compact. You’ll easily get all of your essentials stored inside with room to spare. It’s not only light to carry in-hand but the classic sleek style will make it a stand out piece on the plane.

Getting To Your Destination

You’re finally off the plane and can get away from the chatterbox or snorer you were stuck next to. You haven’t got time to hang around shuffling behind tourists and the like as they marvel at the architecture of the airport terminal. You’ve got things to do, places to go, people to meet – but first of all, a taxi to catch! This is exactly the reason you need a carry on bag – but you need to carry it off too! Usually in a hurry, rushing to get a taxi so you can get to the hotel and settle in, or hurry straight to the meeting or conference you are attending.

To stay light on your feet and zig-zag through the busy crowds to the taxi rank, you need a carry on bag that doesn’t feel like you are holding a ten ton weight. Our Rugged Travel Cabin Holdall is exactly what you are looking for. It’s just the sort of bag you can sling over one shoulder, or, easily hold in your hands without it burning through to the skin. The beautiful oiled leather look is hard to find anywhere at this sort of price, which makes it an essential buy for the frequent flyer.

These Carry On Bags Are Everything Right Now Prime Hide Leather

Always On The Move, Always Packing

Whether you are in your destination for a long or short stay, everyone has their own preference when it comes to unpacking. Some travellers like to get everything out of their carry on bag and onto shelves and hangers in their hotel room, almost as soon as they arrive. Others try not to get too comfortable in the hotel, knowing they’ll soon be off to another one very soon, preferring to live out of their bag instead. Packing is part and parcel of being a frequent flyer; you pack at home, unpack in the hotel, once again when you are ready to leave, and of course, when you finally get back home.

You will need a carry on bag that provides plenty of room, is easy to open and close and of course, remains secure at all times. Take a look at the Trent Gladstone Holdall, for example. Once unzipped, it opens up to offer ample access to your clothes and toiletries, which is just what you need if you are in a hurry to catch the flight back home. The sumptuous purple Jacquard coloured lining gives it a truly distinct look and with extra pockets on both the inside and outside, you have plenty of packing space.

These Carry On Bags Are Everything Right Now Prime Hide Leather

Being a frequent flyer isn’t always as cool as it sounds to other people. Travelling to all those countries doesn’t mean you get to see much of the cities themselves. You may get taken out for the odd dinner or two by a generous client, but most of the time is spent waiting for planes, sitting on planes and travelling to and from the hotel. But when all is said and done, it offers more freedom than a standard nine-to-five and sitting behind a desk for the whole week – even if that sounds like heaven sometimes!

At Primehide Leather we spend just as much time flying from one place to another, hunting down the best leather trends for you, so we can feel your pain sometimes! This also means we know exactly what you are looking for in a carry on bag and all the bags in our men and women’s ranges are designed to suit your lifestyle. Everything you buy also comes with free standard delivery, because we know that every penny counts nowadays.

We are constantly looking at ways to improve our collections and if you have questions about our bags, purses or wallets, get in touch because we’d love to hear from you.