April 16, 2020 4 min read

Look outside of your window and what do you see? No, not the grubby smog infested rooftops that sit next to your offices, look out of the other window. Yes, that’s better, now, what do you see? There are people walking by below with their jumpers and coats and if you look a little further into the distance you’ll see the colours of the leaves starting to change too. Fight it as we may, there is no getting away from the fact that Autumn is on the way, a time to wrap up warm and change the colour of our own leaves.

Beautiful Leather Purses for The Autumn/ Winter Season Prime Hide Leather

The shoes are changed, the tights re-appear, the jumpers are dusted off and the winter coat peeks its head out of the wardrobe in anticipation. Or, you can go the fun way about doing things, ditch the lot and start again (budget permitting of course!). But it isn’t just the main features of our outfit we’ll want to adapt to the change in temperature. Those accessories might little a little sprucing up too, so why not start thinking about the type of Autumn coloured leather purses you can throw into the mix over the next few months?

Holiday Season Still Isn’t Over

Are you one of the smart ones that plans your holidays a little later than everyone else? You’ve patiently bided your time while one after the other has left the office excited about heading away on their hols, coming back with their golden brown skin, full of amazing stories about the things they got up to while in sunnier climes. Well, now it’s your turn. With everyone’s tan slowly fading away and their Christmas break a million miles away, it’s time for you to make everyone jealous as you disappear for two weeks. Not only that, given the time of year it is, your holiday will probably be cheaper than theirs too!

While you’re flying away and leaving all the stress of work far behind you in your late summer holiday, make sure you have picked up one or two treats for your evenings out. Take, for example, the Astra Multi Colour Purse, beautifully designed to illuminate your outfit as you step out for the evening when abroad. It opens up to reveal a blast of colour that will match your bright surroundings and gives you plenty of room to tuck away cards, receipts and anything else you collect on your journey.

Beautiful Leather Purses for The Autumn/ Winter Season Prime Hide Leather

Wrap Up Tight For The Longer Nights

You’ve probably gone out and bought yourself an essential jacket or coat for the winter already, or you definitely have one or two (or several!) in mind. The selection for this Autumn/Winter seems broader than ever, with checked, oversized, quilted and glossy styles all on trend and vying for your attention. Whatever you decide to include in your year-end wardrobe, you can then start to think about what else you add to complement it. The warm colours of Autumn are always a welcoming sight and offer a solid base to start piecing together your winter outfits for the months ahead.

The London RFID Small Green Multi Colour Purse is wonderfully hand-sized and comes in a welcoming autumnal colour, reflecting both the change in the season and ready to blend in seamlessly alongside your new jacket and coat. The sumptuous leather is stitched to perfection and made to see you through this season and beyond.

Beautiful Leather Purses for The Autumn/ Winter Season Prime Hide Leather

The modest exterior belies the extravagance of the interior, which is bursting full of fun and colour under every zip and pocket. And because it is RFID protected, you don’t have to worry about carrying it in your hand as your credit card details will always be fully protected.

One Leather Purse is Never Enough

If you were to ask any of your friends “How many leather purses is too much?” you’d probably get a whole range of responses back, ranging from the minimalist “one,” right through to “I can never have enough!” The truth is, there is no right or wrong answer. Some people like to stick to their tried and trusted chic black leather purse that will go with absolutely everything, while others will buy every colour under the rainbow to allow them to chop and change throughout the week – or day! You’ll have your own way of doing things and after a while, even if you do own a few, you’ll have your go-to favourites that you just can’t keep away from.

Out of all the fashion dos and don’ts that are suggested, the most important rule to follow is to be true to yourself and make sure you are happy with whatever it is you buy. If going for strong and bold colours is not your thing, then something more subdued, like our Tuscan RFID Large Purse might be more up your street. You could call it your staple item, the leather purse that you can always fall back on when all else fails. The grape-like colour may get you dreaming about Tuscany itself and if visiting the region is only a pipe-dream for now, you can always cheer yourself up with a nice bottle of red on a chilly Autumn evening!

Beautiful Leather Purses for The Autumn/ Winter Season Prime Hide Leather

Whether it’s cosmetic leather bags, beautifully crafted leather purses, or leather bags for travel or professional purposes, you’ll find all your leather needs met for Autumn at Prime Hide Leather. We’re committed to sourcing the highest quality leather products you’ll find anywhere on the market and know that everything we have on offer will exceed your expectations.

There’s a reason why we continue to develop such a friendly and reliable customer base and once you try out our leather products you’ll be keen to return when you are ready to shop again. We know you work hard to spend your money and we do everything possible to make sure our leather products match your high expectations to give you true value for money.

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