April 08, 2020 5 min read

Despite their size, wallets are an important and integral part to any fashion-conscious man’s wardrobe. Therefore, when it comes to choosing a new one, you’ll want to give it more than a passing thought. It can be a little overwhelming when it comes to looking at the various options out there, which is why we thought we’d put together this post looking at the different trends in men’s wallets. Starting from the classic bifold, we’ll also take a look at modern theft protection measures in the form of RFID safe wallets.

The Classic Men’s Bifold Wallet

One of the oldest wallet designs around is also one of the most popular. The man’s bifold wallet is one of the simplest and slimmest types of money and card carrying accessory available. Generally speaking a bifold wallet, as the name suggests, is rectangular in shape and folds in half down the middle. They usually consist of one long pocket where you can hold your money, with various slots either horizontally or vertically placed for anything else you may need to carry such as receipts, credit cards and ID cards.

At Prime Hide Leather there are numerous examples of this timeless wallet style, such as the San Lorenzo.

A Look at the Different Men’s Wallets Trends and Styles Prime Hide Leather

With a choice of black or brown leather the wallet provides you with 2 full-size paper money sections, including one that is zipped, along with two slip pockets and three for credit cards and window to easily display your ID card.

Or if you carry a lot of coins on your person, you could consider the Croc Print bifold wallet, available in either black, brown or cognac.

The Men’s Trendy Trifold Wallet

The trifold is very similar to the bifold wallet. However, what makes this type of wallet stand out is the number of different compartments that are normally found inside. If, therefore, you are the type of man that carries more than the average amount of cards, whether they are bank cards, credit cards, gym memberships or other ID cards – the trifold may be the best option. This is another rectangular-shaped wallet and consists of two folds, rather than just one, that folds in the middle.

Therefore, you have three different sections to work with and use. Similar to the bifold there are one or two long open pockets for paper money and then other slots for cards, receipts and other smaller items. You sometimes find that there are also pockets for coins.

A Look at the Different Men’s Wallets Trends and Styles Prime Hide Leather

The Cruz Luxury trifold wallet from Prime Hide Leather is a prime example of this type of wallet. Available in black or brown and made from the finest leather, there’s plenty of space for everything you need to carry in one place and so much more.

Another slick trifold style wallet, if you prefer a smaller and more compact design, is the Alperto small brown trifold.

A Look at the Different Men’s Wallets Trends and Styles Prime Hide Leather

Available in high quality leather, this benefits from an easy access flap opening, and also includes two note sections, two ID pouches, five credit card slots, a coin pocket and an internal pocket featuring a cool and masculine chunky zip.

Credit Card Holder

Due to the fact that most people carry cards and with the growing availability of contactless payment readers and cards offering this form of payment, some wallets are designed to carry just credit cards. So, if you are not the type of gent to carry cash around with you, even when you are going shopping or going to the office, a slimline credit card holder is the wallet for you. One particularly nice one from Prime Hide Leather is the Elpaso Credit Card Holder.

A Look at the Different Men’s Wallets Trends and Styles Prime Hide Leather

This is suitable for all forms of cards including your driver’s license, work ID cards and Oyster cards.

A bigger and fuller credit card holder that is worth considering is the Washington RFID Credit Card Holder. Available in black and brown leather, it’s functional, stylish and very smart. With a simple bifold wallet design, upon opening you’re presented with 16 credit card slips in the middle and two at either end, all of which are transparent and make it easy to see which card is which.

Coin Pouch or Wallet

Alternatively, some people prefer to limit the amount of plastic they have in their life and if you’re the kind of guy that prefers to pay with physical money, or needs a functional coin holder for the average day to day spends, a coin pouch/wallet is definitely a good option. These are often used on holiday and although they tend to be a lot bulkier, they are also easier to access. This is due to the fact that almost all of the wallet is taken up by the different slots. Obviously, it’s best to choose one with multiple, separate slots, so you’re not fighting past a card and some paper money to get those ten pence coins and pennies.

Travel Pass/ Planner Wallet

Another option for discerning gentleman, especially those who like to travel, is a travel pass or planner-style wallet. This is often a little bigger and wider than the average wallet as it’s designed to carry all your credit cards and other forms of payment, paper money and coins, along with important travel documents like your passport, boarding passes, train tickets and any other relevant ID you may require while travelling either for business or pleasure.

Prime Hide Leather have a lot of excellent options in this area of the market, including the smart and trendy Carbon Fibre RFID Travel Planner.

A Look at the Different Men’s Wallets Trends and Styles Prime Hide Leather

As well as having enough space for everything you need to take with you, including six different slots for credit cards, a small pouch pocket for coinage, pockets for tickets and passport, this wallet benefits from being RFID safe. This means that it contains protection against RF scanner-related identity fraud.

RFID Wallets

We’ve already mentioned once or twice in our post and through the links that there’s such a thing now available as an RFID safe wallet, also known as RFID-Blocking wallet. What does RFID actually mean? Radio-Frequency identification and RFID blocking wallets are designed to protect against a specific type of digital pickpocketing that has become increasingly prevalent, particularly in large metropolitan cities. Thieves use, generally homemade, RFID scanners that, when held against your pocket or wallet, can interact with the chips inside your credit cards, with a view to stealing all your personal data.

This basically means that rather than physically being pickpocketed and realising it’s happened, you could carry on with your day-to-day tasks not even realising someone has cloned your information. RFID wallets are made from materials that block the signals from the scanner, such as aluminium and as featured in the above example, carbon fibre.

It’s thought that the early Greeks were the first to really use what resembled a wallet. However, this humble invention has come a long way, had several facelifts over the years and generally become more compact with the features and functions to match that of the modern man. That being said, the classic bifold design, especially in high quality leather, will always have an ageless appeal. Hopefully, this look at the different trends of men’s wallets has given you some food for thought as to what you might choose for your next card and money holder.